Many of our vacations during the last 15 years have been bicycle trips in many countries. We prefer renting bikes locally, and carrying our own luggage which gives us flexibility. We like staying in hotels; renting or camping may also be chosen.

Our priorities: Seeing beautiful and exciting places, fitness and comfort.

Here we share our experiences and give ideas about where to bike (without taking any responsibility for economical or risk related issues).

  • When rented bicycles are received, check brakes, tyres, light, locks etc. Does the bike and seat suit you? Can seat height easily be adjusted? Is luggage safely carried?
  • When needing bicycle repair (punctures, broken spokes, worn brakes etc.) you will get good help from the owner and from bike shops along the road.
  • It is important to have good travel insurance, also covering health. We recommend to use a helmet. Remember to lock your bicycles properly whenever you leave them, and keep your luggage safe.

MerryBIKING from
Ragnhild and Knut Kristian Meisingset.