Round trip north of Utrecht

The present round trip goes to Markermeer and IJsselmeer, where large agricultural areas lie below sea level, protected by dikes. Calm and beautiful water landscapes are visited, not far from Amsterdam.

Accomodations should be reserved well in advance; some of the hotels are very popular. In Utrecht, NH Hotel Utrecht Jaarbeursplein can be recommended. Rental of bicycles can be pre-ordered through Wiel-Rent.

Day 1. Utrecht to Almere (58 km, map link)

Start: Fietsknooppunt 52 (1 km west of Utrecht Central Station). Bike north to Oud Zuilen and Marssen (Knooppunten_52-15-53-45-46). Continue along the charming river Vecht past Breukelen to Loenen aan de Vecht (_46-87-84-2-25), where a lunch stop may be made, for example at Eeterie de Drie Gekroonte Laarsjes.

River Vecht close by

The suggested route then makes a detour along nice waterways to Naarden, which is an old and beautiful fortified city with a star-shaped moat (25-7-5-6-9-8-10-36-37-33).


From Naarden, go north to the bridge across Markermeer (33-18-26) and continue to Almere (_26-25-31-33-78-77-83), where Hotel Van der Valk Almere can be recommended for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2. Almere to Enkhuizen (63 km, map link)

The suggested route goes north through the centre of Almere to the Lage Vaart Kanaal (_83-76-50-51-60), which is followed northeast to Oostvaarderplassen (_60-62-70-72-93-37-6). There turn left (north) into Lelystad on Praamweg and Knardijk, and continue along the lake (Markermeer) to Markerwaarddijk (_6-20-23-24-25-30-33-34).

A lunch café can be found in Lelystad (for example De Rede van Bataviahaven) before continuing northwest on Markerwaarddijk, which separates Markermeer (4 m below sea level) from IJsselmeer (0.4 m below sea level). After 27 km on the dike with water on both sides, the Noord Holland province is eventually reached just south of Enkhuizen (at Fietsknooppunt 12).

Bike path on the dike

Please note that biking on the dike from Lelystad to Enkhuizen cannot be recommended if the wind is too strong.

In Enkhuizen, the Zuiderzeemuseum may be visited. Hotel De Koepoort may be recommended for dinner and overnight stay (12-30-27).

Day 3. Enkhuizen to Akersloot (63 km, map link)

Along Markermeer

From Enkhuizen, go southwest along Markermeer to Hoorn (27-28-47-10-9-80-62-59) where a lunch stop may be made, for example at Restaurant De Hoofdtoren. Enkhuizen and Hoorn were major port cities in the Dutch Golden Age (1500-1700).

Lovely view from Hoofdtoren

From Hoorn, the suggested route continues along Markermeer to Scharwoude (59-58-36), and turns west through a rural landscape with charming villages to Alkmaar, with its traditional cheese market and many medival buildings (36-15-30-28-27-79-78-2-50-1).

Going south from Alkmaar, Hotel Van der Valk Akersloot may be recommended for dinner and overnight stay (_1-74-98-55-54).

Day 4. Akersloot to Marken (63 km, map link)

From Akersloot, the suggested route goes southeast through a nice water landscape with many old windmills to Zaandijk (54-2-24-84-85-86-87-90-91-92-73), where a lunch stop may be made at Brouwerei Hoop.


From Zaandijk, go northeast through Purmerend to Edam, where the beautiful old city centre with the cheese market place is worth a visit (73-50-33-32-35-31-30-20-26-28-94-95-97).

From Edam, the suggested route goes south along Markermeer through Volendam and Monnichendam to the bike path along Waterlandse Zeedijk to Marken (97-98-99-56-55-54-53-52-51). A good alternative is to go to Marken by boat from Volendam (99-51).

Bike path to Marken
At Marken, Hotel Hof van Marken can be recommended for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5. Marken to Utrecht (66 km, map link)

From Marken, go south along Waterlandse Zeedijk, and continue on the dikes along Markermeer towards Zeeburgereiland and Diemen (51-52-77-79-47-46-52-54-55) where a lunch stop may be made, for example at the House of Bird.

The suggested route continues southeast to the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal (_55-59-58-65-26-83), across the canal to river Vecht (83-74), and south along the river to Loenen aan der Vecht, Breukelen, Marssen and Oud Zuilen (74-52-20-4-25-2-84-87-46-45-53) into Utrecht (53-15-52).

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