Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a lovely island for biking and walking, and it is easy to find your way around. You can fly to Townsville Airport and then take the passenger ferry to the island, taking only 20 minutes. The best time to visit is between May and September, when the days are warm and the evenings are cool.

It is a good idea to stay at one hotel and take daytrips. Peppers Blue on Blue Resort in Nelly Bay may be recommended for dinner and overnight stay. It is very close to the ferry terminal.

It is possible to rent bikes at Magnetic Adventure and Hire at Mandalay Avenue.

Day 1. West Point and Picnic Bay (map link, 28 km)

From Peppers Blue and Blue Resort, bike west along Sooning Street, continuing southwest Nelly Bay Road, Birt Street and West Point Road going past Picnic Bay. After 5 km, the suggested route passes Cockle Falls (also known as Dog Shed Waterhole). The route continues northwest to West Point Beach, which is suitably placed for a pause. Returning to Picnic Bay, The Reef Bar Cafe at the sea end of Granite Street may be a good choice for lunch. From the café, a short walk along the Esplanade to Hawkings Point Lookout may be recommended.

Returning to Nelly Bay after lunch, one may bike north from Sooning Street along Mandalay Avenue to make a stop at Up the Garden Path Restaurant and Bar at Resort Amaroo on Mandalay, with a magnificent garden view and possibility to see kookaburras.

Kookaburra at Amaroo on Mandalay

Day 2. Horseshoe Bay and Forts Walk (map link, 20 km)

The suggested route goes southeast along Sooning Street, Arcadia Road, Magnetic Island Road and Marine Parade to Arcadia. A detour south along the sea on Armand Way is recommended, to get a glimpse of rock wallabies.

Rock wallaby kid

The suggested route continues north from Arcadia along Horseshoe Bay Road to explore the Horseshoe Bay area. For example The Early Bird may be chosen for lunch.

Horseshoe Bay view

The route returns along Horseshoe Bay Road to Forts Walk, where a walk in a beautiful forest area with World War II fortifications is recommended. Koalas are often seen from the path, sleeping in trees.

Koala at Forts Walk

On the way back, a café stop may be made either in Arcadia or Nelly Bay.

Cockatoo in a tree in Arcadia