Round trip from Firenze

There are many options for bike trips in Toscana. The landscape is beautiful and hilly, and there is a lot to learn about history and culture.

Accomodations in Firenze are easy to find. Bicycles can for example be hired from Florence by Bike.

Day 1. Firenze to Panzano in Chianti (36 km, map link)

Firenze is a beautiful city

Start: ‘Ponte Amerigo Vespucci’ on the south side of the river Arno. Go west along the Arno, take the first road to the left (Piazza Versale / Viale Ludovico Aristo). Go left on ‘Viale Fransesco Petrarca’ to ‘Piazzale de Porto Romano’, continue south to the end of ‘Viale del Poggio Imperiale’. Turn left (southwest) along ‘Via di S. Felice a Ema’ ending in a roundabout. Turn left along the road SP70, taking you south to Impruneta, with a nice view along the road. In Impruneta, take the road SP69 south to the town centre, where a lunch café can be found. La Loggettina is a good restaurant.

Outside Impruneta

From Impruneta, the suggested route continues south along ‘Via del Ferrone’ to the road SP3 (Via Chiantiagna per Ferrone) which is followed to Frantoio del Grevepesa. There turn right, going uphill for many kilometres on the road SP92 (Via Gabbiano). Then continue on the road SP118 which is followed to Panzano in Chianti, where many accomodations and restaurants are found. Relais Fattoria Valle can be recommended for dinner and overnight stay.

Staying more than one night in Panzano may be a good idea, for walking or for a bike trip to Greve in Chianti and Montefioralle.

Day 2. Panzano in Chianti to Monteriggioni (28 km, map link)

From Panzano, bike south along the road SR222 (Via Chiantigiana) downhill to 270 m and then uphill with a wonderful view to 570 m at Castellina in Chianti. There a lunch café can be found, for example Antica Trattoria de Torre.

A beautiful region

South of Castellina, the suggested route turns right (southwest) from SP222 to SP51, going downhill and ending on road SR2 (Via Cassia) at Castellina Scalo. Go south along SR2 to La Colonna, and turn left from SR2 steeply uphill along Via 1 Maggio to Monteriggioni.

Monteriggioni is a well preserved fortified medieval town, which was an etruscan village in pre-roman time. Hotel Monteriggioni can be recommended for overnight stay.

Monteriggioni by night

Day 3. Monteriggioni to San Gimignano (29 km, map link)

Take the western path down from Monteriggioni to Via Cassia, and take the road SP5 towards west out of the rondabout at La Colonna towards Colle d’Elsa. The suggested route takes a small detour near Parco Fluviale dell’ Alta val d’Elsa, turning left from SP5 to SP541 and right in next roundabout, continuing north along river Elsa on Strada dei Poveri from where a short visit to the river park may be possible.

Colle di Val d'Elsa

Back on SP5, the suggested route goes over the bridge to Colle d’Elsa and along Via di Spugna and ‘Via Romano Bienchi’ to ‘Pista ciclabile Colle-Poggibonsi’, which goes along a former railway line.

A lunch stop may be made in Colle d’Elsa, for example at L’Antica Trattoria, before continuing to Poggibonsi. The bike path ends on the road SP1 (Via San Gimignano) which is followed to San Gimignano, where several accomodations and restaurants are found. Hotel Leon Blanco can be recommended for overnight stay.

San Gimigniano in view

San Gimignano is a very nice and well preserved medieval city. It is a good starting point for cycling daytrips in the present part of Toscana, so staying more than one night can be recommended.

Day 4. San Gimignano to San Casciano in Val di Pesa (35 km, map link)

Medieval street in San Gimignano

Take the northern exit through the city wall of San Gimignano, go north on Via Dante, and turn left (north) along the road SP127 through a nice rural landscape. After 3.5 km, turn left along Strada di San Benedetto, which continues north named SP95 towards Certaldo.

View towards old Certaldo

Into Certaldo, continue from SP95 to SP1, and turn southeast along ‘Via Caduti del Lavoro’ continuing northeast on Via Aldo Moro and Via Romana to SP79 (Via Fiorentina). Go uphill along SP79 through Fiano and Lucardo, where a lunch café may be found along the road.

Continue north to Quercione, where the suggested route turns right (northest) along the road SP93 through San Pancrazio and Ponte Rotto towards San Casciano in Val di Pesa, where many accomodations and restaurants are found. Villa I Barronci Resort & Spa may be a good choice for dinner and overnight stay.

Staying more than one night in San Casciano may give an opportunity for local bike trips in the Val di Pesa area.

Day 5. San Casciano in Val di Pesa to Firenze (28 km, map link)

The suggested route goes through the centre of San Casciano and southeast along the road SP92 (Via Grevigiana), turning left (north) along Via di Luiano just before Mercantale in Val di Pesa. Via di Luiano ends at the road SP3, which is followed north to the first crossing, where the route turns right (north) along Via di Capello uphill to Impruneta.

Between Impruneta and Firenze, the suggested route is the same as for Day 1, with a nice view along the road S70 going downhill to Firenze.