Round trip from Innsbruck

The landscape is very hilly, with an exciting view towards the high and wild mountains. Accomodations in Innsbruck are easy to find; for example Hotel Neue Post may be recommended. Bicycles can for example be rented from Crazy Bikez.

The present round trip goes northwest to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. The route can only be recommended at summer time, to avoid ice on the roads.

Day 1. Innsbruck to Seefeld (38 km, map link)

The present route starts with a climb from Innsbruck at 600 m up to Seefeld at 1200 m. It is possible to go by train the main part of the climb.

Starting at the main railway station in Innsbruck, the suggested bike route goes west past the airport and along Tiroler Strasse (Road 171) to Telfs. Turn right along Hans Liebherr Strasse and continue uphill along the road L36. A stop may be made at a lunch café (for example Alt Mösern) before climbing up to 1250 m at Möserer Dorfstrasse. The last kilometres into Seefeld along L36 go slightly downhill.

Up from the valley

Seefeld is a very nice tourist village with a lot of accomodations and restaurants. For example Hotel Seelos can be recommended for dinner and overnight stay.

Staying more than one night in Seefeld is strongly recommended, giving an opportunity to walk in the mountains (for example after taking the Bergbahn to Rosshütte at 1760 m) or to take local bike trips. One option is to bike to Leutasch over Wildmoos, and visit the Klammgeistweg before returning to Seefeld over Weidach.

Day 2. Seefeld to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (42 km, map link)

Paintings on the wall

The suggested route goes north along the road L14 from Zeefeld via Weidach and Leutasch past the Klammgeistweg to Mittenwald, where the beautiful bayerischen paintings on the house walls can be admired, and a lunch café can be found (for example Gasthaus Römerschanz).

From the centre of Mittenwald, go west on Bahnhofstrasse, continue on Im Gries and turn north along Gröblweg, going uphill to a beautiful mountain plateau at Luttensee.

Mountain plateau near Mittenwald

Continue north and then southwest to the mountain plateau north of Wildensee, finding a bike path going north and then winding downhill to Elmauer Weg, ending on Bahnhof Strasse in Klais. (A shorter and easier option is to take the road St2542 from the north end of Mittenwald past Schmalensee to Klais.)

Bike path near Garmisch

From Klais, the suggested route goes west along Bahnhof Strasse and In Gerold, continuing parallel to the main road (E533) to Garmisch. Many accomodations and restaurants are found in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For example Hotel Zugspitze can be recommended for dinner and overnight stay.

Schloss Linderhof

Staying more than one night in Garmin-Partenkirchen is recommended, for sightseeing and local bike trips (for example north to Ettal, where a guided tour in Schloss Linderhof and a walk in its beautiful and famous garden is a very nice experience).

Garden at Linderhof

Day 3. Garmich-Partenkirchen to Ehrwald (32 km, map link)

From Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the suggested route goes west on Zugspitzstrasse (Road 23), continuing along the river Loisach to Schmölz and Untergrainau. There a detour may be taken along Loisachstrasse and Eibseestrasse to Eibzee and Seilbahn Zugspitze. After Zugspitze, Eibsee Alm may be visited for lunch. Eibstrasse is then taken back to Grainau, turning left (north) along Höhenrainweg to Road 23.

View towards Ehrwald

Bike west along Road 23 and the river Loisach to Griesen, where Road 23 turns south towards Ehrwald, crossing the border to Austria. Several accomodations and restaurants are found in Ehrwald. Hotel Sonnenspitze can be recommended for dinner and overnight stay.

Staying two nights in Ehrwald may give an opportunity to bike to Füssen and visit the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

Schloss Hohenschwangau

Day 4. Ehrwald to Seefeld (30 km, map link)

From Ehrwald, bike southeast along Martinplätz and Doktor-Ludwig-Ganghofer-Strasse to Talstation of Ehrwalder Almbahn, which carries you and your bicycle to a hight of 1500 m. The suggested route goes further up to 1600 m south along Ganghofer Loipe, which continues west (renamed Ganghofer Weg) past Igelsee downhill through the beautiful Gaistal, with high mountains on both sides of the valley.


Lake view

Gaistal ends in Leutasch, where a lunch stop may be made (for example at Restaurant Weidachstube) before continuing uphill to Seefeld along Road L14.

Day 5. Seefeld-Innsbruck (38 km, map link)

The suggested route from Seefeld to Innsbruck is the same as the opposite way, but downhill from Seefeld the cycling is much easier. Going from 1250 m at Mösern to 600 m at Telfs, you need good brakes. Continuing along Tiroler Strasse (Road 171), a lunch stop may be made (for example at Gasthof Schwarzer Adler in Zirl) before returning to Innsbruck.